How do I keep my fees down?

Glad you asked!  We have some simple tips to save you  money in attorneys’ fees on this page

Do I need a lawyer?

It depends on the issue you are facing.  For example, if you are starting a solo business and filing a single member LLC in Maryland, the State of Maryland has a pretty good online filing system, see this link.   You probably do not need a lawyer.  If you are starting a more complex entity (more than one owner), soliciting investment, or engaging in borrowing with a bank, you may need a lawyer.  Our initial consultations are without charge and one aspect of that consultation is to determine if we are necessary, or otherwise help you reduce fees.  Businesses should view lawyers as one tool in their toolbox to achieve a desired result.  Lawyers are also an investment, and when working correctly, should reduce risk in a transaction or legal problem. 

How much is a trademark filing?

In general a trademark filing ranges between $1,300 and $1,600.  You can see more about our fees and expected range of costs here.  

What areas do you practice?

We practice in the areas set forth in the menu under practice areas.  We concentrate our practice in businesses that acquire, license, develop or otherwise deal in intellectual property.  

Information about Patent Filings

Click here to read our Patent FAQs.