You can view our engagement letter here.  If you are interested in engaging us, the first step is to submit a client intake sheet.  We do not charge fees until you agree.  Our engagement letter is sent to you via email, and you accept it by clicking on a link in the email.

Our fees and ranges of costs are below.

Michael D. Oliver – $375 / hr

Kimberly S. Grimsley – $350 / hr

Larry J. Guffey – $425 / hr

Pamela K. Riewerts – $325 / hr

Paralegals – $175 / hr

See http://www.olivergrimsley.com/fees/trademark-process-and-costs/





File MD LLC/Inc.  – $500 (plus $150 filing)





(includes consultation on form of entity, all formation docs other than operating agreement / stockholder agreement)

Operating Agreement/Stockholder Agreement – typically $2,000 – 4,000 (about 7 hrs – 14 hrs) – will be more if there are many reviews and changes

Copyright applications incur a $45 filing fee and typically are $250 – 500 in our fees to file, though a complex application (for example if we review source code for trade secrets) will be higher, though typically not more than $500.










Patent services are comprehensively described in our standard form of engagement letter, and in our page on enforcing a patent – determining infringement, and determining whether you have a right to practice your invention.