Prosecuted Patents


This page lists a representative sample of issued (or publicly published) patents filed and prosecuted by Oliver & Grimsley patent attorneys.  As we obtain additional new patents they will be listed here as well.

10,278,530 Child-safe Cutlery Device for Separately Coring and/or Slicing a Strawberry
10,121,460 Humidifier and digital hygrometer/thermometer
D831,461 Cork Lock
D819,415 Bar Tool
D820,997 Draft Prevention Frame
9,526,369 Infusion extracting apparatus and method
9,840,002 Modular driver and screw system
9,474,620 Talonavicular joint prosthesis and its method of implantation
9,717,546 Cryotherapy device and method for the treatment of cervical precancerous lesions
9,421,036 Automatically-deflating, postpartum tamponade
9,437,078 Method for pari-mutuel wagering
9,422,071 Automatic, T-fold carton erector and sealer
D785907 Port Access Medical Garment
D689,560 Toyworkover Rig
29/560,817 Wearable Rechargeable Power Bank Battery Wristband Device
D675,147 Device for attaching a cell phone to a bicycle
9,782,288 Adjustable Urinary Catheter Fastener
9,747,748 Web Based Methods and Apparatus for Pari-Mutuel Historical Gaming
9,791,256 Step shim
9,642,341 Hummingbird Feeder and Feed Pod
9,592,616 Knife that Relieves Pressure on Metacarpophalangeal Joint of Index Finger
9,443,392 Method for Pari-Mutuel Wagering
9,437,078 Method for Pari-Mutuel Wagering
9,393,169 Supine Patient Transfer Package
9,304,496 Multi-Purpose Tool Watch Housing Multiple Tool Members to be moved from a Stored Position and Extended Position for Use
9,220,307 Dual-Use Clingable Handcovering for Protecting the Hand of Wearer from the Atmospheric Conditions in the Surrounding Environment
9,220,277 Form Insert for Use with a Springform Pan to Make a Uniform Thickness Crust
9,197,591 Method and System for Validating Email From an Internet Application or Website
9,193,081 Child-Safe, Hand, Fruit Corer and Slicer
9,047,854 Apparatus and Method for the Continuous Operation of Musical Instruments
8,954,343 Person-To-Person Matching System
8,827,115 Container for Storing Measuring and Dispensing a Liquid
8,282,036 Multi wing aircraft
8,211,107 Modular, blade-rod, intramedullary fixation device
8,116,499 Microphone adaptor for altering the geometry of a microphone without altering its frequency response characteristics
8,061,085 Handrail for preventing stairway falls
7,954,505 Mobile leakage containment box including a liquid impermeable membrane
7,938,229 Marine emergency rope ladder apparatus
7,775,456 Fluidic device yielding three-dimensional spray patterns
7,677,480 Enclosures for fluidic oscillators
7,651,036 Three jet island fluidic oscillator
7,478,764 Fluidic oscillator for thick/three-dimensional spray applications
7,472,848 Cold-performance fluidic oscillator
7,465,050 Method and apparatus for three-dimensional video-oculography
7,357,565 Fluid injector and mixer apparatus
7,354,008 Fluidic nozzle for trigger spray applications
7,333,887 Method and system for tactical gate management by aviation entities
7,329,197 Self-aligning pulley, gear or other rotational member
7,303,532 Trace evidence collection method and apparatus
7,267,290 Cold-performance fluidic oscillator
D547,516 Sport helmet shaped lid for trash receptacle
7,248,963 Method and system for aircraft flow management
7,247,116 Planetary motor
7,238,190 Surgical apparatus to allow replacement of degenerative ankle tissue
7,204,918 High efficiency plating apparatus and method
7,200,640 Continuously tunable, graphic internet navigation tool
7,185,370 Infant bib
7,111,800 Fluid spray apparatus
7,089,693 Dredging method and apparatus
7,086,309 Planetary-harmonic motor
7,025,790 Ankle joint prosthesis and its method of implantation
7,014,131 Multiple spray devices for automotive and other applications
6,976,318 Tape measure
6,975,225 Fire suppression system and method
6,948,513 Integral check valve for nozzles
6,945,114 Laser-air, hybrid, ultrasonic testing of railroad tracks
6,942,228 Collapsible, portable utility cart
6,916,300 Seat massager
6,878,121 Sleep scoring apparatus and method
6,873,903 Method and system for tracking and prediction of aircraft trajectories
6,862,936 Laser-air, hybrid, ultrasonic testing of railroad wheels
6,862,862 Pressure injection of flexible polymer grout into slate roofs
6,857,609 Medical imaging environment compatible positioning arm
6,837,775 Porous, lubricated mixing tube for abrasive, fluid jet
6,817,504 Collapsible trunk organizer
6,807,743 Square level
6,805,164 Means for generating oscillating fluid jets having specified flow patterns
6,789,011 Method and system for allocating aircraft arrival/departure slot times
6,746,384 Apparatus for exercising the muscles of the lumbar region of the back
6,721,714 Method and system for tactical airline management
6,688,947 Porous, lubricated nozzle for abrasive fluid suspension jet
6,684,922 Container drainer holder
6,669,675 Feminine urinary device
6,651,354 Tape measure
6,598,310 Retractable tape measure
6,572,620 Modular, blade-rod, intramedullary fixation device
6,529,752 Sleep disorder breathing event counter
D465,388 Christmas tree watering device
6,475,198 Feminine urinary device
6,463,383 Method and system for aircraft flow management by airlines/aviation authorities
6,415,540 Firearm trigger lock
6,328,193 Personal article retention system
6,306,088 Ambulatory distributed recorders system for diagnosing medical disorders
6,293,681 Image viewing apparatus
6,272,784 Firearm trigger lock
6,248,242 Spring water delivery system
6,184,792 Early fire detection method and apparatus
6,178,979 Table screen
6,172,612 Smoke detector with remote testing, shutoff and powering means
6,142,950 Non-tethered apnea screening device
6,134,659 Controlled usage software
6,095,991 Ambulatory body position monitor
6,065,760 Interchangeable skate wheel bearing assembly
6,026,548 Elastic shoelace and fastener
5,921,846 Lubricated high speed fluid cutting jet
5,911,524 Automated, illuminated address display and entrance light
5,899,956 Vehicle mounted navigation device
5,615,780 Full-access, non-gravity dependent, jar storage rack